The Brethren

The Brethren

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First Week Down: An Eternity

MTC Day 1 - 2/19/14

1:15PM: Derek Nielson, a good friend that I met through political science class dropped me off at the MTC. He served in Paraguay, and absolutely loved his mission experience. We exchanged words of farewell as the host took my luggage. 

He sent me off with the biggest smile on his face. As the host gave me a light tour of the place, I said to myself, "Everything is going to be different now... It's not my time, but the Lord's." 

I anticipated some kind of welcoming ceremony... but instead, I was escorted to Building 7M - little did I know that I'd be spending about ten hours a day crunching Thai into my head. I entered a small classroom about the size of my sister's room. There sat five other elders sharing the same excited, yet confused look that I had. A tall gentleman greeted me by expressing the Wai, (a respectful way of greeting someone by placing the palms of your hands together by your chest) and said "Sawaadi-Khap! Sabaay dii may?" 

I knew these phrases, but he said them so fast that I did nothing but nod my head with a flustered countenance. The gentleman's name is Brother Thrap. Out of the five Thai teachers, he quickly became my favorite. I can honestly say that he's the greatest language teacher I've ever had, and possibly ever will. He's from the great state of Idaho, and served his mission in Thailand two years ago. He only spoke Thai to us for an entire week! It actually felt weird when he began to speak English to us. 

My companion, Elder Beebe, from Strasburg, Pennsylvania is the best companion I could ask for. He graduated high school early to serve a mission. We get along very well, and he has the patience to kindly wake me up every time that I fall asleep in class. We also have this weird spiritual connection, it's so weird. But I know the Lord has set him apart for me. So that I can positively influence him, and so that I can learn from his as well. 

My testimony is ever so growing here. I learned to pray and bear my testimony in Thai. We're conversing in Thai in class, and we are surprising ourselves everyday at our rate of improvement.

Elder Takeuchi

My Mission Papers
Scriptures, textbooks, dictionaries in Thai
Elder Beebe, Elder Takeuchi's Companion

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  1. Hey it's the Smith's. Great work Elder! I think it's so awesome that you can keep a blog as a missionary. Everyday you're one day closer.