The Brethren

The Brethren

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Earthquakes, Typhoid fever, and Baptisms!

What's up everyone!!!! I'm back!

So last week, I wasn't feeling too well. I had this gnarly illness called Typhoid Fever, and was hospitalized for five days :( :( :(

Here are a few things I learned from having Typhoid Fever
- The food at the Market are not to be trusted all the time. Some are clean and safe... some involves risk.
- Thai people don't have to risk as we do at the Market because they're immune to all stomach diseases. 
- It was painful.. Constant vomit, headache, and fever :( I didn't eat anything for 3 days :(

BUT I'M BACK!! And That's all that matters! So much in missionary work has happened since my last email!!

Also, this was supposed to be in last week's email as well... but Thailand has been having a lot of earthquakes lately! The initial quake was 6.1 magnitude, and happened a few miles away from our house. It was followed by 300 or so aftershocks throughout the week. So Crazy!! The people here were panicking because earthquakes just don't happen here... A lot of buildings were damaged up here in the north, and the mall closed down for a few days to repair the damages. The white Buddhist Temple below was destroyed!  The air conditioner in our church building fell from the ceiling, and the Sister Missionaries' apartment received a crack from the ceiling to the floor. 

So anyway, despite all these weird and crazy things happening, I don't have much time, so I'd like to bear my testimony! My heart is full right now. I just read a few emails from my friends in the Missionary Training Center, and from those out in all parts of the world. From Australia, Peru, Florida, Hong Kong, Canada, and the list goes on... At this time, I just don't know how to express how happy I am to know that all these friends whom I miss and care for are serving missions with the same purpose that I have!!

This work we're doing is truly important to all of us... So much that we'd pause school, work, social life, everything to spend two years or 18 months (for Sister Missionaries) proclaiming this truth! No sickness, challenges, or disaster will pause this wonderful work! Our God has given us so much, and we recognize just a portion of His wonderful blessings. He has called me at this time to use all of my talents, efforts, and might to serve him diligently an faithfully. I only hope that I can be of some help in the conversion of those I serve. I only have a few minutes left, so I'll end by testifying that YES, this faith that I believe in is true. I bear witness of it. I am still young, and have much to learn and grow, but I know and experienced enough to say with confidence that God lives! He cares and loves for us! I am just so filled with hope in life right now from the miracles I've seen this week! I just wish I had time to write everything that I'd like to write here... Perhaps next week, I'll have more time. 

Today, we'll be meeting with some members to visit the Long-Neck Hill Tribe. It'll be crazy fun! Have a wonderful week everyone :)

Elder Lindsey Takeuchi
According to Buddhist belief, Batman and all fictional characters will go to hell :( 

First meal since my sickness
​Two Baptisms this week! Elder Calderon, Sister Dooy, Sister Daw, and I. I was going to baptize Sister Daw, but I let Brother Goo (member) baptize her for the wonderful experience! 
Street Contacting in the Rain

The White Wat hours before the earthquake.
Results of the 6.1 earthquake

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