The Brethren

The Brethren

Friday, January 9, 2015

This was Unexpected..


Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! So sorry I've been gone for so long :) I have missionary friends that somehow send blog entries every week... I wish I had the determination to do as they do... but ah, I'm okay with this pace of once a month or so...

Sooooo third area folks!! Definitely wanted to stay in Ubon longer than two transfers (twelve weeks), but the AWESOME members and especially recent converts of mine are still in my daily prayers!!

At the time when we received our transfer calls, I was very nervous for my next area because I pretty much accepted that I would be sent to Bangkok... First of all, there is nothing wrong with serving in Bangkok... but it's just that I love the country so much!! The countryside is so beautiful here. I was so blessed to be a greenie in Chiang-Rai (Northern babies maan!), then serving in Ubon which is right next to Laos. 

So the funny thing is… I was transferred to ศรีสะเกด (Sisaket), which is only the next province over from Ubon. Sisaket is even more country compared to Ubon!! Prior to coming to Sisaket, here are the two things that I heard about Sisaket

1.   1The branch is the strongest if not, the second second strongest branch in Thailand.
2.    2. Therefore, many missionaries are born (trained) here… Most missionaries get called here to be trained… or to be a trainer! 

I was overjoyed when I saw my name and photo pop up under Sisaket Elders!! I was so stoked that I couldn’t even concentrate on how the rest of the transfers went. My trainer and I were celebrating the fact that I have a really good chance of training this next transfer. What makes it even better is that my trainer, Elder Calderon was born in Sisaket.

My current companion is Elder Connor Mitchell, from Payson, UT! He just finished his greenie transfer (two transfers) in Sisaket, and is staying for his third. Just in a few words… I would explain him as consecrated, diligent, definitely outgoing, and is down to get some baptisms!

I’ve only been here a little while.. but I can tell the branch here is truly powerful! A new branch president was called because the previous branch president and his wife became senior missionaries, and went to serve in an area called Udorn. The new branch president is only about two years old as a member, but him and his family are indispensable members of this branch!  President Somsak and his wife just barely came back from the Temple in Hong Kong!

Bottom line... I absolutely love it here. There is a great balance of long-time members (10, 15+ years) who have long protected this branch, and due to the recent explosion in missionary work, a lot of new members. There is no better time than to be part of the work here in Sisket!!

Currently, Elder Mitchell and I are working on several families towards baptism! We have one scheduled for this coming Sunday with Brother ที (Thee), whom we street contacted at Big C (equivalent of Wal-mart in Thailand)

The field is definitely white, already to harvest. It’s amazing being a missionary at this time in life. I love my mission, and I am so grateful for being able to serve in a blessed area like Sisaket!

I apologize to all of my families and friends who have been sending me cards and letters… only to receive NO REPLY…. I’m so sorry!!!!! I’m losing a lot of “Nephew points” for forgetting to respond to emails, cards, and letters! For example… I just found a few birthday cards that my family and friends sent me back in October… I felt terrible for not knowing until now… 

Being a missionary is the best! Love you all!!

Elder Takeuchi

How we go tracting! 
I'm telling you, it's the best mission!

Monks buying lottery tickets

This guy bought us pizza! 

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