The Brethren

The Brethren

Sunday, May 31, 2015


This transfer has been crazy!!!! Henceforth, the title "บ้าบัพติศมา" 
บ้า = Crazy
บัพติศทา = Baptism

These two transfers that I spent in Samuts was amazing!! Miracles after miracles.. after miracles.... I've loved all of my areas... but this area still surprises me with the many miracles that have been happening.. Just a few moments ago, I received "the transfers call" notifying me that I'll be leaving this Thursday... Truly heartbreaking because I love this area soooooo much... the members... the people that the Lord provided me with to teach and serve.. all of them. I love em all. In this area, I was blessed to help many people to the waters of baptism!

It's all about the Grandmas!! - 10/5/2015

This is the story of Grandma Sunee (75) She lives by herself in a small apartment, and runs a little nursery program for the neighborhood kids. She's been a faithful member of another faith for about five years. Her story is just simply amazing. One day, a neighbor gave her an inviting card from our church.. That neighbor was invited by Elders sometime ago.. but wasn't interested.. so gave the card to her because she was Christian.. When Grandma Sunee received the card, she had a powerful impression to attend church there. She already belonged to a church... but she described it as the "Guidance from the Holy Spirit". She called the number that was on the card. I answered on the other end. We made an appointment to meet, to allow us to introduce to her the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Although she may be old, her learning went quite smooth. She understood the principles well, and had a baptismal date for the following month. However, the adversary wasn't going to let her go that easily. Her old church began to visit her, and tell false doctrine about the Mormon Church, even spitting harsh words to her that she will surely go to hell for joining such an abominable church. As a 75-year old grandma, such words frightened her a lot. There was about a week that she avoided our phone calls. After much prayer, we finally visited her, and asked her to share her feelings. After doing so, we counseled her to pray. We counseled her to ask the Everlasting God who knows all things to reveal the truth unto her. Members that went with us also testified of the truth. It was a powerful lesson that I won't be able to forget.

Two days later, she called us back, with joyful new that she'll be baptized. I almost broke in tears. We have been praying and fasting for her. God has done it once again... Another incredible miracle. The old church still visits her, and tries to make her go back to her old faith... However, she now has courage.. courage to stand for what's right. Heavenly Father gave her a testimony of truth, and she knows it. I love her so much. I wish I can have such faith as hers one day. 

"20 years as an Investigator" - 24/5/2015

After investigating the church for a little over a month.. ซ. เพชร tells me, "Elder, I'll tell you a secret" And she goes on to tell me her story of investigating the church..

"Did you know... I first met the Elders 20 years ago, back when I was still in college. They invited me learn about Christianity. I was Buddhist since birth, but I was interested in this "Jesus". The Elders visited and taught me the teachings of Christ. After a few lessons, they invited me to be baptized! Through learning, I knew all of this was true. I wanted to be baptized.. I knew it was the right thing to do... but I was scared. Scared because my parents were strict Buddhists, especially my dad. There was no way I could tell my parents that I was going to be Christian.. So one day, I told the Elders that I wasn't interested anymore... A terrible lie.. but I didn't want to waste those Elders' time..

Time had gone by.. I finished school.. Got married.. began working... Then one day a co-worker told me about a free English class at a church. I never connected the two points together until I actually went with a friend, and saw that Elders from that same church were the ones running the program. I was astonished... When you Elders asked me if I was interested in learning the Gospel, I agreed.. I understood that it was a sign from God. Through learning the Gospel again, I wish I was baptized 20 years ago... I see the fire in your determination. Honestly, if I had the chance, I would love to be a full-time missionary like you Elders. If only I was baptized 20 years ago....  But it's so amazing and wonderful to see that Heavenly Father provided a way so I can come back to this path. I have a testimony that God wants me to be baptized."

During her time as an investigator, she finished reading Preach My Gospel and Gospel Principles.She's currently reading the Book of Mormon like a storm.It's just crazy. She was truly prepared by the Lord. 

Sister เพชร was baptized yesterday by Brother สุรัตน์. The Lord knows who He wants in His church. I am just happy to have a part in His work. I'm also grateful for those Elders that worked with her 20 years ago. If only I can contact those Elders, and let them know the news.

This transfer, our district had 10 baptisms!! My companionship had 6, and the other Elders had 4. It was just so incredible to witness this craziness in the work... I love it. I absolutely love it. It really hurts me that I have to leave this area... I love this work so much. I testify that Heavenly Father lives. His tender mercies are upon all of us. Even in the hardest days, I can feel His love. I see the change in these people's lives. I simply love it. I testify that Jesus is the Christ. Missionary work is just awesoooome!!!!

Love you all!!

- เอ็ลเดอร์ ทาเตอุชิ

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