The Brethren

The Brethren

Friday, April 3, 2015

New Area - สมุทรปราการ!!

Friends, family, fellow missionaries..  I miss you guys all!!
Short entry, with a lot of photos today :)
Love you all!

One of my goals - 3/30/15

As missionaries, we have to write to the Mission President every week on P-Day, also known as Preparation Day. It's a day when we do our shopping, cleaning, emailing with family/friends, and touring if possible. This is an excerpt from my email to President Senior today. I felt that it expresses my thoughts and desires pretty clearly. President Senior will be released from his service this upcoming July. The man was revolutionary for the work in Thailand. I love him, and I usually don't write much in the weekly emails, but I took some time to write him a few thoughts..
Actually, I'll just copy+paste because we have to leave the internet cafe already. Today, we're going to visit some "vampire bats" as explained by the members here... and playing with monkeys by the beach!

President Senior,

Thank you for the training!! Here are my thoughts from this past week
Because He Lives Initiative

- Inviting... we're focusing on Christ more than ever... I absolutely love it.- Pumping up the members, even investigators by teaching and testifying of His Atonement and Resurrection!! 
Balanced Districts- Seriously President, this new district unity deal is so much better than before. I'm looking forward for the results that it'll produce
How are the members here doing?- Many of the members are going to the Temple next week, so they're making sure their family history work is all set! - Lack of priesthood holders creates a challenge for us to teach female investigators... (Especially worried after July when B. Thay leaves for his mission) We're even calling in members from Chonburi to help us teach investigators in their homes because we're desperate for priesthood holders..) but, we've also seen that the Lord prepares a way every time!

So from our interview from Zone Conference... there was one thing that I wasn't able to share with you. I hope I can clearly explain my feelings here... It was just too difficult for me to share it then. 
So... I just hit my one year mark not too long ago... and I constantly try to ponder to myself... "Am I doing everything that the Lord wants me to do?" On the front page of my PMG, I have a list of things that I expect to be fulfilled by the time I finish my ministry in Thailand.
For example, I would like godly characteristics such as charity and love.. incorporated into my character. I want to look back and be able to say to myself (and the Lord), that I have no regrets.. that I did my best. So I have this list... and I reflect upon it frequently as a reminder for me as a missionary.
There's one thing in particular that I'd like to share with you today. During transfer meetings, you always have a segment for the จบing missionaries. You talk about each one, and share a thought or experience or two. Then at the end, you quote the Lord, and when you quote that sentence.. it just gets me every time. Matthew 25:21 "Well done, thou good and faithful servant" In essence, when you say that short sentence to those honorable missionaries, I see you representing the Lord.
Even typing this gets to my tear ducts... Whenever I hear you say this to the finishing missionaries, I think to myself... "After my ministry is over in Thailand, will the Lord be able to say this to me?" This is one of my personal goals... President, to have the Lord be able to say that to me after my ministry in Thailand. I can't explain how special I hold this goal. 
I really want to do my best. I really want to do to everything so that He can tell me, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Much Mahalos, 
Elder Takeuchi

Did I also mention that I was transferred into a new area? I'm in the province south of Bangkok, called Samut Prakaan. It's right next to the beach, and it really reminds me of my greenie area because how small the ward is. We also congregate in a 4-story rental building. This will be my fourth area, and I absolutely love it. (For Thailand missionaries, I have escaped the Bangkok once again!!) Escaping the Bangkok refers to not serving in a Bangkok although about half of the branches and wards belong it Bangkok. To which, I'm happy. I prefer the country :) So anyway, there's sooooo much work to do here in Samuts!
I love being a missionary. I've never been so passionate about missionary work until I came out in the field. I testify that Christ lives. We owe everything to Him. During this easter season, I'm so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Have everyone seen the new video yet? I heard that the church bought the front page of youtube for Easter Sunday.

Elder Takeuchi

Because He Lives
Thai version

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